3 Sigma Audio Tactical Nuke Metal Demo
Tactical Nuke Metal Demo Tutorial

About these tracks:
This piece of music was written by Chris Lucas and Ian Rees as a demo for our plugin Tactical Nuke. We wanted something that really showed off what Tactical Nuke was capable of in a complete musical context. The video above is an in depth walk-through of exactly how we used Tactical Nuke on every track to achieve the end results you hear. While this is a “metal” mix, the reasons we use Tactical Nuke and how we go about tweaking it to get a sound that fits in a mix can be applied to any high energy genre of music.
Tempo: 175bpm
Format: 24Bit Wav; Multi-Channel Midi File
Gear Used:
Ibanez 5 String Soundgear Bass
PRS Baritone 6 String
PreSonus Studio 26C and Focusrite Scarlett 4i4