Guitar Cabinet Impulses

-What are A and B variations?

Each cab pack includes 10 impulses – 5 tube variations (A), which were captured on a modded Peavey 5150, and 5 solid state variations (B), which were captured with a custom flat power amp. The tube variations deliver an extended low end response, while the solid state variations deliver an uncolored low end response.

-What do the numbers 1-5 mean?

We miked the cabs from 5 different positions (1-5), starting from the middle of the cap and moving out towards the cone.

-Are these compatible with Helix, Axe-FX, Atomic Amplifire, etc?

Yes! Our impulses are compatible with any piece of software or hardware capable of loading IRs.

-Which mics were used on each impulse?

Mics are listed in the manual attached with each purchase. Every impulse utilizes a combination of these microphones to make for the easiest mix-ready presets.


Acoustic Impulses

-My acoustic impulses are quiet compared to my cabinet impulses. Is my loader broken?

Acoustic impulses are naturally much quieter than cab impulses due to the normalization of high frequencies that occurs within IR loaders. This is normal. Most people will boost their output on the loader to achieve desired volume. If this isn’t possible on your loader, simply load some type of EQ plugin before or after your IR loader doing only overall gain adjustment to achieve desired volume. Electric to Acoustic IR’s will be quieter than Piezo or Soundhole IR’s for this same reason.

– Are these compatible with Helix, Axe-FX, Atomic Amplifire, etc?

Yes! Our impulses are compatible with any piece of software or hardware capable of loading IR’s.

-How can I get the best sound out of my electric with an acoustic impulse?

If you’re using electric magnetic pickups, try using either the neck or middle pickup. If you truly want an authentic acoustic sound out of your electric with IR’s consider adding a piezo pickup to your guitar.

-Do I need to own the guitar you modeled to achieve the sound of that guitar?

Nope! You can use any guitar with a pickup. The point of these IR’s is to get any guitar sounding like the guitar the IR is modeled after.


Kemper Profiles

-Can I use a Kemper Profile in my Helix/Axe-FX/Atomic Amplifire/DAW?

No, Kemper Profiles will ONLY load into Kemper units. You can learn more by visiting https://www.kemper-amps.com/

-Why do acoustic impulses sound thin and quiet on my Kemper compared to my DAW?

This is a bug with the character knob. If you turn the character knob to a value past zero ie .3 .5 1 etc this will fix that issue.

-I bought Cabinet Impulses for my Kemper but can’t find them in Rig Manager?

Cabinet Impulses and Kemper Profiles are two different things. Our Kemper Profiles are full on amp and cab setups. These are provided in .kpa format and will show up in Rig Manager as normal. Cabinet impulses are provided in .kipr format. These are only the cabinet section and are loaded directly onto your unit through a USB flash drive. They can then be selected from the onboard unit editor.

-Is a Kemper Profile an amp simulator?

No, a Kemper Profile is not an amp sim. If you are looking for amp sims, we recommend checking out the free Poulin Amps

-Will Kemper Profiles load into my impulse loader?

No, Kemper Profiles are not the same as Cabinet Impulses.



-Will your reverb impulses work with my Helix/Kemper/Axe-FX/Axe-8/Atomic Amplifire/etc.?

Unfortunately no. To load reverb impulse responses the loader needs to have the ability to load incredibly long responses. The only hardware loader to our knowledge capable of housing reverbs is the Logidy EPSi. The EPSi however only supports up to 6 seconds of reverb. Many of our reverb responses are up to 14 seconds long so they will be truncated down to 6 when loaded in this unit 🙁

-How do I load your reverb impulses into my DAW?

Every DAW except Pro Tools has a free built in impulse loader. There are also a number of free reverb impulse loaders such as Reverberate LE for PC and LAConvolver for Mac. We will be doing a video tutorial on loading them with all the various loaders shortly.

-Can I load reverb impulses into my cabinet IR loader?

No. The maximum length supported by cabinet IR loaders is not long enough to house reverb responses.



-Will your impulses work with my Helix/Kemper/Axe-FX/Axe-8/Atomic Amplifire/etc.?

Absolutely! Our IR’s will work with any device that loads impulses.

-How do I load your impulses into my Helix/Kemper/Axe-FX/Axe-8/Atomic Amplifire/etc.?

All of these units utilize different processes to load impulses. Some, like the Kemper and Axe-FX, require you convert the .wav files into different file types before loading. If you are having issues, we recommend either contacting the companies that make the units, posting in their forums, or reading the manuals that came with your unit. Also, the community on Gear Page is an excellent resource.

-I just purchased IR’s. How do I get them?

If you look under the “My Account” tab on our site and sign in, there will be a list of your orders under “Purchase History”. Click “View Details and Downloads” next to the order, which will bring up a list of your purchases. Finally, click the product name in BLUE text to begin downloading.

-How do I load impulses into my DAW?

We have several tutorials for this on our YouTube Channel.


Due to our products being digital goods returns cannot be accepted. All sales final.