Joe Quick and Chris Lucas present the 3 Sigma Audio Kemper Collection. Each amplifier was restored to pristine condition and sampled on top of the line industry standard microphones and preamps. 20 album ready studio profiles give you the versatility and dynamics to cut through the mix in any genre or scenario. If that wasnt enough, also included are 10 head only profiles for infinite reamping possibilities when paired with our industry standard Cabinet IRs! Out of the studio and into your rig, The 3 Sigma Audio Kemper Collection puts the sound of the world’s finest amplification within your reach.

These are profiles for a Kemper Profiling Amplifier. DO NOT Purchase these unless you own one!
Customize your bundle: Add 3 or more profiles to cart and receive an automatic 15% discount off your cart total.


PV Block

Peavey Block Letter


Marsh J800

Marshall JCM 800


Mes Tri Rec

Mesa Triple Rectifier


PV Invect

Peavey Invective


Fried 100

Friedman BE100


Z Rekt

DR Z Z Wreck


Orng Rocker

Orange Rockerverb


Bog Uber

Bogner Uberschall



Diezel VH4


VX Collection

Vox AC 15 and AC 30


P Reed Arch

PRS Archon


Marsh JP

Marshall JMP

Each Purchase Includes:

  • 4 Hi Gain Profiles
  • 4 Lead Profiles
  • 4 Crunch Profiles
  • 4 Clean Profiles
  • 4 Pushed Profiles
  • 10 Head Only Profiles
  • Manuals