Bill Kelliher is the guitarist for the Grammy Award-winning metal band, Mastodon. Bill’s sound has been heard the world over and thanks to the 3SA Artist Series, it’s now coming home to you. In April 2018, we flew out to meet with Bill at his private studio in Atlanta, GA., where he granted us exclusive access to his cab collection. We worked closely with Bill to make sure that each impulse captured the nuance and character of his signature tone. From classic to brutal, the Bill Kelliher Cab Collection has it all.



Bill Kelliher Cab Collection

Bill Kelliher Cab Collection
Includes all 4 of Bill’s Cabs


Bill Kelliher Fried 412

Based on Bill’s Friedman 412
Celestion Creambacks


Bill Kelliher Marsh 412

Based on Bill’s Marshall 1960A
Celestion Celestion G12T-75s


Bill Kelliher Custom 212

Based on Bill’s Handbuilt Custom 212
Celestion Greenbacks


Bill Kelliher Silver 212

Based on Bill’s 1964 Silvertone
Jensen Specials

Each Purchase Includes:

  • Tube and Solid State Variations
  • Wavs 96/88/48/44
  • Axe-FX Wavs
  • Kemper .kipr files
  • Manuals and position info