Top Shelf Drums Complete

12 Kicks – 24 Snares
32 Toms
12 Cymbals – 7 Percussion


Ref Kit

Pearl Reference Snare
Pearl Reference Kick
Pearl Reference Toms


JC Kit

SJC Custom Snare
SJC Custom Kick
SJC Custom Toms


Master Kit

Pearl Masters Snare
Pearl Masters Kick
Pearl Masters Toms


Square Kit

Gretsch Square Badge Snare
Gretsch Square Badge Kick
Gretsch Square Bade Toms


Cali Kit

Orange County Snare
Orange County Kick
Orange County Toms


UD Kit

Huston Drums Custom Snare
UDRUM Custom Kick
UDRUM Custom Toms


3W Kit

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare
DW Collector’s Kick
DW Collector’s Toms


Radar Kit

Sonor HiLite Snare
Sonor HiLite Kick
Sonor HiLite Toms


CC Kit

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Alt
C&C Custom Kick
C&C Custom Toms


Noble Kit

Noble and Cooley Snare
Noble and Cooley Kick
Noble and Cooley Toms